Getting Equipped for Armoured Combat

All Heavy Combat equipment needs to comply with our safety standards (see the Fighters’ Handbook), and we recommend you spend some time using the loaner gear we have available and talking with more experienced fighters before you decide to buy your own.

There are a number of places that sell equipment suited to SCA Heavy Combat, or even designed for SCA Heavy Combat. Some of these are based overseas, but there are also local people making and importing armour and components. There may even be someone in the Barony who has some extra available to sell, so feel free to ask around at one of our Regular Practices. The Barony also runs armouring and weapon-making workshops from time to time, and we usually make bulk purchases of supplies when we do to minimise costs for the students. For a brief overview of the types of armour commonly worn and how much they cost, Check Out This Guide. If you want to explore the topic of medieval armour in more detail, have a look at the Armour Archive.

Armour Suppliers

  • Iron Monger – US maker of good quality solid helms and excellent prices
  • Aesir Metal Works – maker of some very nice helms. Active Facebook presence
  • Anshelm Arms – US maker of excellent quality gear, with prices to match
  • Windrose Armoury – A wide range of armour and other combat goods
  • Bokalo – Good quality, reasonably priced armour
  • Esford – A Queensland based re-seller of Mostly Indian made items. Some of it is not appropriate for SCA combat
  • Ice Falcon Armour – US maker of mainly stainless steel kit
  • Medieval Fight Club – A huge range of armour, arming doublets and other stuff. Mostly Indian made and some of it not appropriate for SCA combat.
  • Ebonwoulfe Armoury – A range of good quality baskets hilts and other gear.
  • Historic Enterprises – These guys have everything. Expensive but high quality.
  • Make Your Own Medieval – Queensland based importer with range of good quality items such as boots and accessories.