Good Food Feast – 18th July

The Good Food Feast – 20th Anniversary edition

In 1995, a small group of Politarchopolans banded together to bring the level and quality of food and entertainment in Lochac to a standard which is now considered the norm.

It has been 20 years since the Politarchopolan Assault Catering Corps hosted the Good Food Feast. The Corps would like to invite you to attend the anniversary of this fine event, which will be an evening of amazing, sumptuous food, and marvellous entertainment. The evening’s menu, entertainment and decoration will be focused on the 16th century Low Countries – so get to work on your mid-winter German and Flemish frocks!!!

Because of the style of event we are providing, we are strictly limiting this event to 80 guests – there will not be any changes in numbers to cater for increased demand.

However, if you can’t attend the event as a guest, you have the opportunity to attend the event as a server. In addition to indulging in some fantastic food provided just for the servers, you would undertake a role that is integral to the event’s success, while experiencing the hubbub and backroom brawl that lies behind a great night.Serving suggestion only

This is not a child-friendly event – we request that you make alternative care arrangements for your children for the evening. Otherwise, the Corps will sell them and keep the profits.

Prices for this event are as follows:

Adult Member $120.00
Adult Non-Member $125.00
Server Member $20.00
Server Non-Member $25.00

Bookings are critical and will not be accepted without payment. If you aren’t able to pay the event price all at once, payment plans can be arranged – but only in consultation with the Steward.

Location – St Margarets Uniting Church, Antill St, Hackett

For more information and booking, please contact the Steward:

 Mistress Francesca Cellini (Michelle Dean)