Rapier Championship – 14 March

The next Rapier championship has been moved forward to coincide with the Newcomer’s Feast on 14 March, the same date as the Politarchopolis Heavy championship. The next rapier champion will join the Baron and Baroness in fighting off the Mongol Hordes™ on the 21st March, and serving at Rowany Festival (as well as all the other cool stuff).

Lists will open at 12:30 at the regular training hall in Ainslie. The format will alternate in rounds, with every odd numbered round being a “Cuirass” tourney (armour as worn), and even rounds will be specific weapons forms: Single rapier, Dagger only, etc.  Bring a wooden spoon (‘nuff said).

In the evening, there will be delicious food and merriment for all.

See http://politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org/upcoming-events/newcomers-feast-14-march-2015/ for full details of the feast and other activities on the day.