Rapier Beginner Course

Have you ever wanted to learn how an SCA combat form, but were scared of bowstrings or overwhelmed by the weight of steel plate armour? Or maybe you’ve looked enviously over at the fencers and their lack of heavy armour in the hot Australian sun and wondered if you could play with them? Or maybe you are just so enamoured with the fencing scene in the Princess Bride, and want to learn how to do it? Well, you are in luck!

Commencing 5th March 2017, the Politarchopolan Fencers will be starting a new Beginner’s course, and we’d love to teach you how to Cavatzione or Riposte like an Italian Master. The course will go over 8 weeks (though with breaks for Rowany Festival). By the end, you will be able to be authorised and fight alongside the mighty Dons of Politarchopolis.

Rapier CombatThere are some minimum requirements to start – stout footwear, a pair of gloves, a pair of safety glasses or sunglasses, and a willingness to learn. If you have your own SCA legal rapier and/or dagger (or can borrow them from a friend), feel free to bring them along, however the Barony has a small number of loaner swords you could use.

Class starts each Sunday at 1:30pm. Please arrive a few minutes early. Intermediate students are encouraged to attend and act as experienced practice opponents.