Tournament of the Griffin

The noble House of Descartes calls all those who believe they be worthy to a tournament in honour of Sir Brusi Anderson. Thirty years ago, Sir Brusi accepted the call to knighthood and embarked on a most honourable crusade to the Holy land; the thirst for slaughter was strong , but since you cant spell slaughter without laughter, upon his return to Lochac, Sir Brusi invites you to share the warmth of his hearth and the hospitality of his household.

Victorious, bloody and smelly, the knights and quires of Descartes challenge all who believe they are worthy to compete in tournaments honouring Sir Brusi’s dedication to the protection of Lochac. Rapier, heavy and archery tournaments will be held, followed by a spectacular feast.

Flights of Arrows, Splintering of Shields, Ringing of Steel; all this and more await you at the Tournament of the Griffin.

17 September from 11am

Hall Showgrounds Pavillion, Hall, ACT

Tourney and Feast:
Members – $30
Non-Members – $35
Children under 15 – $15 (add $5 for non Member)

Tourney Only – $10 (add $5 for non-Member)

(Bookings close 10 September 2016)

11am Event opens, Rapier lists open
12pm Rapier and Archery Tournaments
12:30pm Heavy Lists
1pm Heavy Tournament
6pm Feast
11pm Event Closes

**Unisex showers available onsite**