Twelfth Night Coronation 2017

UPDATE: It’s now after the cut-off for the cheaper rate, but tickets are still available!  Book now while spots last!

Join us in Politarchopolis for the coronation of the 30th Crown of Lochac, with Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Arts and Sciences, court and feasting. The event will include Saturday lunch, Saturday Feast, Sunday lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

Twelfth Night 2016When:
Saturday 7/1/2017 – Sunday 8/1/2017

Tuggeranong Archery Club, 299 Soward Way, Greenway ACT 2900

$55 – Adult Member Full Event
$27 – Child Member (under 18) Full Event

$55 – Adult Member All Saturday
$27 – Child Member (under 18) All Saturday

$27 – Adult Member Saturday daytime
$13 – Child Member (under 18) Saturday daytime

$20 – Adult Member Sunday Only
$10 – Child Member (under 18) Sunday Only

Children under 5 are free.
Add $5 for non members.
Add $5 to price bookings after cutoff, or $10 at door.
Booking must be accompanied by payment.
Bookings Close: 24/12/2016

Steward, bookings, billeting: Crispin Sexi
Email Address:

Please advise dietary requirements when booking.


Very Nearly Final Timetable

11:00am: Event opens, Lists open.
11:00am: Novelty archery shoots and market stalls throughout the day.
11:30am: Final Court of ThorolfR and Halla
12:30pm: Lunch, Heavy Tourney shortly thereafter
2:30pm: Coronation Court
3:30pm: Rapier Tourney (single kill, triple elimination)
3:30pm: A&S Comp Judging
4:00pm: Knights meeting, A&S entrants talk to judges (see below).
4:00pm: Fibre Guild meeting (all welcome).
5:00pm: Defence meeting.
5:00pm: Garden Guild meeting (all welcome).
6:00pm: Feast opens
6:30pm: 1st Course
7:00pm: Entertainment
7:30pm: 2nd Course
8:30pm: Royal court of Ariston and Lilavati
9:30pm: 3rd Course
11:30pm: Lights on and lock up

10:00am: Pelicans Meeting, lists open, archery Royal round.
10:30am: Guild of Defence prizes fought.
11:00am: Laurels Meeting, Heavy tournament, more merchanting
11:30am: Rapier tournament
12:30pm: Lunch
2:00pm: Closing Court
3:00pm: Event close


Kingdom A&S Competitions:

1) A nautical item Any medium, any period. Ideas: Navigation item, rope, bucket, safety, every day tools, etc.

2) An item for the hands, head or feet (Any medium, any period. Ideas: Gloves, shoes, socks, comb, brush, pattens etc.

3) Something to carry liquid in Any medium, any period. Ideas: for a journey, in the home, at work.


From the Lochac A&S Officer:

Dear Lochac,

One thing that’s become apparent as I’ve talked to people around the Kingdom about our A&S practices is that we could do better at feedback to entrants of Kingdom A&S competitions. So, to address this I’m setting up a trial of in person feedback for the 12th night competitions. If there’s one thing I know about the artisans of Lochac it’s that we like to geek out about our interests, so I am hoping this will be yet another way we can share enthusiasm, interest and improve our skills and knowledge.

If you are entering the 12th night competitions then you can join the judges at 4pm to talk with them about your entry. This could either be to answer clarifying questions they may have about your entry, or to get some feedback about your entry.

More details can be found on the Kingdom’s A&S website:

If this works then we’ll look to make it a standard part of competition practice.

Clara van der Maes,
Kingdom Minister for A&S