Ultimate Fighter Tournaments


26 October 2014, 11am armour inspection, tourney starts at noon.
18 January 2015, 11am armour inspection, tourney starts at noon.
25 January 2015 – Great sword
8 February 2015 – sword and shield, 10 am armour inspection for an 11am start
22 March 2015  – polearm, 10 am armour inspection for an 11am start
19 April 2015 – Sunday – chosen forma
t, 10 am armour inspection for an 11am start

Location: Ainslie Scout Hall, Ebden St Ainslie, Canberra, ACT.

Steward: Berenger of Nancy

In August 2013, Count Sir Berengar announced a new fighting tournament concept. Various knights volunteered to train those unbelted fighters that wished to join their team in a five form swiss seeded tournament series to determine the Ultimate Fighter of Lochac. It was proposed that these unbelted fighters would then compete with each other in a series of tournaments featuring five different legal weapons in a Swiss seeded list format. The idea behind UF is to encourage different weapon forms, training towards a goal and also a ranked and seeded series of tournaments where the members of the Order of the Chivalry can observe the fighting qualities of others without getting in their own way.

A series of five tourneys would be held in each of the interested baronies and groups, with points being allocated to the unbelted fighters placing in the top ten (12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). This will end with the Ultimate Tournament being proposed to run at Great Northern War in Queensland, June 2015. It will likewise consist of five variously weaponed tourneys featuring the top two placing unbelted fighters from the original tourneys held around the Kingdom of Lochac.

The tournaments have since been opened up to allow those who hadn’t joined one of the original 11 training teams to enter as well as members of the Chivalry although only unbelted fighters could be allocated points. Participants can also enter in the tourneys being held by groups other than their own but the points aren’t added together. They have to place first or second in only one of those regional groups.

So each of the five tournaments features the following weapon formats (the formats may be run in a different order depending on the group).

  1. Single sword, dagger, mace, axe – basically no shield and a one handed weapon. (26 October 2014)
  2. Great sword – two handed sword. (23 November 2014)
  3. Sword and shield – basically one handed weapon and shield. (TBA)
  4. Glaive or Polearm – includes halberd, poleax, spear, pike. (TBA)
  5. Chosen weapon in any legal combination. (TBA)

Tournaments are currently taking place in Canberra (Berengar), Sydney (Alfar & King’giyadai), Adelaide (Colette), Melbourne (Olfus), Perth (Galen), Brisbane (Steffan & Bran) and Newcastle (Orric).


Alongside the armoured combat, we will also be holding a rapier tournament at each Ultimate Fighter.  The rapier tournaments will be organised by Don Owain Cantor ap Hugh.