Useful Links

The Baronial Mailing List

Email mailing lists for all the SCA groups and many special interest groups in the Australian part of Lochac are hosted on
the server. If you want to sign up for any of these, check out the master directory. Politarchopolis has its own mailing list, which you
can sign up for at its home page. The list is a reply-to-sender
style with fairly low volume, very little misuse and no spam, so for keeping abreast of the events of the barony it’s a good

Nearby SCA Groups

The College of Saint Aldhelm
The SCA at the Australian National University.
The Shire of Torlyon
The SCA in Yass, NSW, north of Canberra.
The Proposed SCA group in Goulburn, NSW.
The Shire of Bordescros
The SCA in Albury-Wodonga, on the NSW/Victoria border.
The Kingdom of Lochac
The SCA in Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.
The Greater Known World
The SCA on Earth and environs.