Editing Contacts

I’ve installed a module called Contact Form 7 to handle multiple contact forms. It’s powerful and therefore a little fiddly. Sooner or later you’ll want to edit the existing officer contacts or possibly even add new ones (if we get an equestrian marshal, say, or you decide to add in various deputies).

Editing an existing contact

  1. Click Contact on the left-hand sidebar, down the bottom.
  2. Choose the officer from the list across the top
  3. In the Form section, make sure the name is right.
  4. In the Mail section, make sure the email address is right.
  5. Scroll down and click Save.
  6. Edit the Contacts page
  7. Make sure the SCA and mundane names are right for that officer.
  8. If they want their email posted on the page, click where it says Email in the table, and click the Link button in the editor panel (it looks like a link of chain; punny, eh?). Type in their address as mailto:email-address
  9. If they want their address taken off, delete that bit from the table.
  10. If they want it put in when it previously wasn’t, paste the dot and the email link from another officer and edit it as above.

Adding a new contact

  1. Click Contact on the left-hand sidebar
  2. Choose one of the existing ones and click Copy
  3. Change the appropriate details and click Save.
  4. Copy and paste from an existing contact page (such as this one) to make a new one called “Contact the Officer-Name
  5. In Attributes, select Contacts as the Parent
  6. Untick the “Include this page in user menus” button down the bottom
  7. Click Publish
  8. Edit the Permalink from “contact-the-officer-name” to just “officer-name”
  9. Edit the permalink to be just “officer-name” rather than “contact-the-officer-name” and click OK
  10. Click Update
  11. Edit the Contacts page
  12. Depending on the layout, you may need to go into HTML mode and edit the table to add a new row. It’s pretty self-explanatory, if a bit verbose.
  13. Make sure the link for the Contact form is to “contacts/officer-name
  14. Edit as above (from step 7 of the previous instruction)