Writing These Instructions

It makes sense to keep notes on how you do things. WordPress isn’t complex, but it has lots of little nooks and crannies. Also, you’re going to want to hand the office on one day, and with luck the next hierophant won’t insist on rewriting it from scratch again!

  1. Click Pages / Add New
  2. Type the title
  3. Type the instructions
  4. In the Attributes section, select Useful Links / Hierophant as the Parent.
  5. In Exclude Pages, untick the box
  6. Click Publish
  7. Click the Edit button next to the Permalink (up the top)
  8. Delete what’s there and choose a shorter name. For example, this one defaulted to “writing-these-instructions” but I changed it to “instructions”.
  9. Click Update
  10. Go back to edit the Hierophant’s instruction page
  11. Add a link to your page as a bullet point in alphabetical order, linking to “hierophant/the-name-you-chose“. For example, this one is linked as “hierophant/instructions”.

Remember, although the Hierophant instruction page is passworded, these subpages are not, so don’t write anything confidential here, since people can always guess at your filename. The password is just to save people writing you confused emails asking why the instructions don’t make sense to them…