Change of Venue & Times for Valentines Event 28 February

Hi everyone, Due to a very slow response from ACT parks and a slightly stressed out and overwhelmed steward we can no longer hold the event at Nara Park. The new location is the scout hall in Ainslie, our usual training park
NEW LOCATION: Ainslie Scout Hall, corner of Ebden St and Hassall St, Ainslie ACT 2602.
Please spread the message FAR AND WIDE!!!

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No Dance classes 26 February 2015

Dance will not go ahead tomorrow evening.  Normal schedule will resume from next week.

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Celebrating 50 years of the Society for Creative Anachronism

FinalColorKWMap_smallWith all the exciting information about SCA 50 Year, we thought you should check out the website! Take an early look at what will be happening at SCA 50 Year, on June 17-27th, 2016. ‪#‎SCA50Year



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Have you booked for the Valentine’s Regatta & Games Day yet?

On the 28th of February, Politarchopolis hosts the Valentine’s Day Regatta & Games Day.  Normally held as close to the 14th as possible, this year we’re going for double the love!

You are invited to recognise those who are deserving of admiration (a messenger service will run throughout the day), picnic on the food provided by House Rookwood and try your skill & luck at games!

Boats are under construction (Henley on Todd style) and Their Excellencie, Joan and Crispin look forward to seeing the members of their populace triumph in feats of skill and courtesy!

Costs and booking details can be found here.


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Foundations of Combat Course starts 1 March 2015

It’s time to pick up your sword and fight like a knight as you learn the arts of medieval Descartes Festival 2013 - crop  - ASwarfare in this full speed, full contact pursuit! On 1 March 2015 at the Ainslie Scout Hall (cnr of Ebden & Hassall Streets, Ainslie) we, the Canberra chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), will be starting our 8 week Foundations of Combat course.

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of armoured combat in the SCA.

Any child can tell you of the famous Knights of the Round Table, and most will learn of the exploits of King Richard and the great crusaders. However, the formal training that led to the glory of these armoured heroes remains largely ignored in the modern day.

luke v benIt is ignored no more!  For 50 years, the Society for Creative Anachronism has been teaching the arts of combat, creating new paths to knighthood for men and women world wide.

Our latest course starts on 1 March 2015 and details can be found here.

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Barony wins Most Engaging Community Stall at Multicultural Festival 2015

WOO HOO! It seems that you like talking to us as much as we like coming and talking to you! (You can also come and chat to us on Facebook!)

most engaging nmf 2015

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Wow! Barony rocks Multicultural Festival 2015

Well that was huge.

We talked to so many people excited to hear about our modern medieval world!

nmf stall 4 nmf Luke 1 nmf stall 3 nmf stall 2 nmf stall 1

We explored the possibilities for forming a navy! (Okay we talked to the professionals)

on a boat 1 sca on a boat

We stood up for social justice because being medieval doesn’t mean living in the past! #UNwomenaust

nmf ilovebecause unwomenaust self rescuing princess

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It’s Multicultural Festival Time! See you Sunday!

polit poster

It’s the national multicultural festival time! Yes, that weekend where Canberra comes out to party and the Barony is right there too! For the fourth year in a row, you’ll find us at the Community day this Sunday sharing our passion for the modern middle ages!  Get your photo taken with a knight, a lord, a lady or their Excellencies, Joan and Crispin, Baron & Baroness!


Brigid nmf

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Politarchopolis heads to Canterbury Faire

Baron Crispin recently visited his Cousins in the Barony of Southron Guard (South Island, New Zealand) for the annual Canterbury Faire. The event was honoured by the presence of Their Majesties, Kinggiyadai Khagan I and Altani Khalighu Yeke Khatun I, our most glorious King and Queen of Lochac

He was not alone, being joined by a good number of Politarchopolis including Sir Blethyn, Baroness Ailis, Lady Helouys to name a few.

The event showcases both the arts & sciences as well as the combat arts.

10958750_668432735325_748742190_n 10979241_668432770255_412061494_n 10965433_668432765265_2128963691_n 10904674_668432760275_1874898190_n 10984883_668432745305_46289287_n(1) 10984720_668432755285_1216938166_n 10968273_668432750295_1829948794_n

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Barony makes the front page of the Canberra Times!

front page

Photo by Wendy Higgs

Did you see us in the paper?

Last weekend the Barony hosted their Majesties, Niall and Liadan as well as the Barons and Baronesses from Stormhold, Rowany, Innilgard and Aneala at the 2014 Fields of Gold Tournaments Weekend.

Drawn by the tournaments (rapier, archery, armoured combat and equestrian) and the feasting the Canberra Times popped out to say hello! They were lucky enough to be there on the day that Lochac history was made when Baroness Eva von Danzig was sent to her vigil in preparation for joining the Order of Chivalry by their Majesties.  Baroness Eva will be the 41st female knight in the Society and the 1st female knight in Lochac!

You can read about it here and see the wonderful photos they took.

There was amazing classes run on weaving, heraldry, making hose and pageantry.  Many people were recognised for their work, their artistry and their prowess.

There was roast suckling pig, smoked trout, orange sorbet, roast lamb, roast onions, herb sallet and poached pears – all medieval recipes that the modern palette seems to love!


Why not look us up and join the fun!



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