Scribes Workshops

Once a month, we hold a scribes workshop, where we teach and practice the arts of calligraphy (writing) and illumination (painting), based on medieval and renaissance manuscripts.

We welcome complete beginners, as well as those who have previous experience.

People work on developing their skills in calligraphy, painting, laying gold etc, and also work on their own projects or group projects.

Monthly Meeting Details

Workshops are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month, from 2:00 – 5;00pm.

Humpy Hall, Frewin Place, Scullin

What to bring:
If you have scribal gear (pens, ink, paint, brushed etc), feel free to bring them. If not, we have several sets of loaner gear for newcomer to borrow!

Free for members. Non-members pay $10 insurance fee.

Hope we see you there!