Meetings and Classes

We don’t only meet up for big events! If you want to come along to something more low-key, without all the costumes, we have Regular Meetings to socialise, train, learn, or work on projects. Sometimes we’ll also have scheduled classes on medieval skills.

What happens at a meeting?

Various members of the Barony will show up for some or all of the scheduled time. At fighter, rapier, or archery practice, people interested in those skills train together, and can get advice from more experienced members. At Baronial Sundays and Fab Fridays, people bring along projects to work on in a social setting, or help out with Baronial projects like painting decorations for events.

How much does it cost?

Check out What does it cost? for more information on the hall fees.

Can kids come?

Yes! Children are always welcome, although we encourage you to bring games, toys, or other entertainment for them with you. Older children and teenagers may wish to bring their own projects to work on, or to join in the training. More information on Youth Participation

What should I bring?

Yourself, your questions, and something to do! (For combat training, you will eventually need your own equipment, but we have a collection of loaner gear available for beginners.)

When’s the next meeting?

Check out our regular meeting schedule, and keep an eye on our for special upcoming workshops.