The Baron and Baroness

Who are they?

Our Baron and Baroness (often affectionately referred to as the B&B) are Baron Ysambart Courtain and Baroness Joie Tigre d’Argentona. They were invested as the eigth B&B of Politarchopolis in March 2023. See Our History for past B&Bs.

What do they do?

The B&B are the ceremonial leaders of our group, and representatives of the King and Queen. They look regal in public, wear the coronets, and provide a ceremonial focus. During court, they present awards, and before and afterwards they are responsible for organising court business and the associated tokens and documents. They report to the King and Queen, and arrange royal visits to our barony, and conduct any negotiations with other SCA groups.

How are they chosen?

When the previous Baron and Baroness choose to step down, candidates are invited to run for the position, and there is a period of commentary and discussion. The populace (local and across the Kingdom) are invited to provide feedback on the candidates, but the final choice lies with the King and Queen, who are the ones that officially appoint the B&B.

Who are those people standing behind them?

To help ceremonies go smoothly (and, let’s be honest, to make them look more important), our Baron and Baroness are attended by a retinue of guards and lords/ladies-in-waiting. They assist the B&B at events and make sure they have everything they need.

Am I allowed to talk to them?

Yes! Our Baron and Baroness are lovely, friendly people, and they’re always happy to meet newcomers. Just be polite – if it seems like they’re busy or talking to someone else, wait nearby until they’re free to talk to you, or let an attendant know.