Lots of our activities have an element of risk, so we work hard to make sure that everyone involved is as safe as possible.

COVID-19 Response Plan

[updated as at 13 Aug 2022]


All members are encouraged to take reasonable safety precautions with any activity. If any member sees a dangerous situation, they can call ‘HOLD!’ to warn everyone present to freeze until the danger has been evaluated and dealt with. Many events have an on-duty first aid officer, called a Chirurgeon.


Both armoured combat and rapier fighting have strict requirements for safety gear, and all weapons are blunted and regularly inspected. In any non-training scenario, all participants must be authorised as safe combatants – aware of our safety rules and how to follow them. We have trained safety officers, called Marshals, who inspect equipment and monitor fights for any sign of danger.

Target Archery

We follow the same safety rules as other archery organisations, with strict rules for when and where people can shoot. We have trained safety officers, called Marshals, who inspect equipment and monitor the field for any sign of danger.

Fire Risk

While we love sitting around a campfire together, or feasting by candlelight, we make sure to do so in a safe way. We always abide by any fire bans or restrictions imposed by the site or by the local government, and we never leave a fire unattended. Most events require campfires or braziers to have a nearby bucket of water or sand as an emergency fire extinguisher.

Food Safety

Many of our events are catered by volunteers, but we still follow the food safety rules you’d find in a commercial kitchen. Beginner cooks and brewers are encouraged to seek out more experienced mentors to make not only tasty food, but safe food.

Craft Activities

Some craft activities, such as woodwork or metalwork, require the use of fire, blades, or other tools that present safety risks. We encourage all beginners to seek out more experienced mentors so they can learn safe practices in these crafts.

Child Safety

To make sure children are safe at our events, we require all minors to have a nominated caregiver, who is responsible for their supervision. Any activities run specifically for children need two supervisors with a Working with Vulnerable People Check (or equivalent), and some more dangerous activities (such as combat skills) have age restrictions. See our Child Protection Policy for more details.