The Barony of Politarchopolis

The Barony of Politarchopolis

The medieval Society for Creative Anachronism in Canberra, Australia.
Welcome To Our Barony

The Barony of Politarchopolis is a community group in Canberra and the surrounding region devoted to learning medieval skills and enjoying medieval pastimes. We don’t just read about history, we live it!

Fighting, feasting, costuming, crafting, music, dance… if it was done in pre-17th century Europe, we know someone interested in recreating it.

And not just in the ACT! We’re part of a global organisation called the Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA), and we’re one of 42 local groups in the Australia/New Zealand chapter: the Kingdom of Lochac.

Want to get involved?

New people are always welcome at our Regular Meetings, so feel free to come along any time and meet some of our members. You can also check out our Upcoming Events to see if we have any costumed events coming up.

To keep in touch with us about ongoing activities, consider joining our Baronial Mailing List, the Kingdom event announcements Mailing List, or Facebook Group. If you want to learn more about us first, you can check out our Facebook Page, explore this website, or contact our Hospitaller (Recruitment Officer) at


COVID-19 Response Plan
Our activities are held in line with the restrictions outlined by local mundane jurisdictions and MUST be adhered to.

The latest document is located here: SCA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan

Please note the following:
* Face-to-face events must not be attended if you are unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms.
* Adhere to all mundane restrictions including social distancing and attendance limits. This directive is maintained by the Group Seneschal or their delegate (stewards, officers leading activities, etc.).
* Sanitising of all areas and equipment, including hand washing, is to be conducted at the beginning and conclusion of the event.
* Prepayment and/or cashless payment is mandatory. There is no cash to be handled at an SCA event.

Please contact our Seneschal with any queries regarding the SCA response to COVID-19.

Regular Activities

Arts and Crafts
In the SCA, we group all non-combat skills and knowledge under the very broad heading of 'Arts & Sciences' (commonly referred to as A&S). What...
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Armoured Combat
Also called 'heavy fighting', this is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a medieval knight. Our combatants wear a mixture of chain-mail,...
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Renaissance Fencing
Those unsophisticated brutes clanking around in plate armour aren't your style - you'd rather be Zorro, or Inigo Montoya! (Or maybe you want to do...
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Sword-fighting is all very well, but you've always fancied yourself more of a Robin Hood type. Well, you've come to the right place! Archery is...
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Every week we have a class where we do the dances of 15th and 16th Century Europe, which we know about from Italian, French and...
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Upcoming Events

Polit University 2022: Back to Basics
New to the SCA? Not new but feeling a bit rusty? Want to learn something new? Have we got an event for you! ​Polit University...
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Ready to Join?

You’ve been to a class, workshop, training, or perhaps one of our fantastic events and now you’re ready to join the society. You won’t have to sign all those extra forms either!

Make your way to the Lochac website for membership registry and follow the instructions for a new member. If you’re an existing member you can update your membership here too.

If you are keen to join in with some of the activities at the hall, check out our page on What does it cost?