The King and Queen

Our barony belongs to the Kingdom of Lochac, and you can’t have a kingdom without a King – or at least, it’s not as fun that way. Our King and Queen (or their preferred choice of gender pronoun, are often referred to collectively or individually as ‘the Crown’) are the official leaders of the whole of Lochac, and play a very real role in shaping our community.

How are they chosen?

Twice a year (in early May and November), the kingdom holds a ‘Crown Tournament’, and the winner of that tournament, along with their Consort, are crowned three months later (in May and November). Anyone can enter, as long as they and their consort are willing to serve together as Crown Prince and Princess (or Prince and Prince, or Princess and Princess – otherwise known as Their Royal Highnesses) for three months, and then King and Queen (or preferred choice of pronoun – otherwise known as Their Royal Majesties) for six months.

Could I be King?

Someday! The entrants in Crown Tournament are often the best fighters in a kingdom, and the winners have usually spent years building up their skills. If you want to learn how to fight, check out our Armoured Combat Page.

Do you really use combat skills to decide who runs the kingdom?

We really do. The Crown is one ‘branch’ of our governing system, along with the local Barons and Baronesses. A second branch is made up of officers, who are chosen for their relevant skills and experience, and manage the day-to-day functions of the Society. (See our list of Baronial Officers) The final branch is the Board of Directors, which oversees what we do as a corporation, and makes changes to our rules. All three groups work together for the benefit of the kingdom, and if there’s a problem, they can balance each other out.

If you’ve got all those officers, what does the Crown actually DO?

One of the most important jobs of the Crown is giving out Awards. It seems like a small thing, but our commitment to publically honouring the skill and service of our members is an important part of how we build a community that supports and helps each other. Almost all kingdom-level awards are given out entirely at the discretion of the Crown (although they base their decisions on recommendations from the populace). And not only do the Crown decide who should get awards, they also preside over the Ceremonies (called ‘Court’).

The Crown also has the final say on a lot of decisions – whether a new group can form, who will take on various positions (as officers or group leaders), or changes to kingdom laws and policies. They are our representatives in conversations with other kingdoms, and they are charged with making the SCA in Lochac a good place to be.

What should I do if I meet the Crown?

To acknowledge the importance of our king and queen, and because we think doing so makes everything feel more real, we have specific etiquette about interacting with the Crown or being in the Crown presence.

  • If you are near the Crown or their thrones (within a couple of metres), or pass in front of them, bow or curtsey
  • If you want to speak to the Crown and they are talking to someone, approach close enough for them to see you and wait for them to acknowledge you
  • When you speak to the king or queen, address them as ‘your majesty’

How do I know who the Crown is?

You’ll be able to recognise the king and queen at events because they’ll be wearing particularly fancy crowns, and everyone will be following the etiquette above. No one expects you to recognise every important person – that’s why they have regalia (ceremonial clothing and jewellery) to identify them. The Lochac Royalty website is kept up to date with information about the current Crown of Lochac and their predecessors.