Our Officers

Baron & Baroness
The Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial leaders of our group, representing us to the wider SCA, and overseeing the activities and operations of the Barony.
Our Baron and Baroness are Giles Leabrook and Anne de Tournai (known outside the SCA as Braddon Giles and Brigid Costello), and can be contacted at politarchopolis@lochac.sca.org.

Seneschal (President)
The seneschal is the chief administrator of our group, and represents us to the outside world.
Our seneschal is Giovannino da Vidor (known outside the SCA as Jon Grotto), and can be contacted at seneschal@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org

Deputy Seneschal (Vice-President)
The deputy seneschal assists the seneschal with the administration of the group.
Our deputy seneschal is Halla Hrafnsdottir, and can be also contacted at seneschal@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org

Newcomers Officers

Hospitaller (Newcomers Officer)
The hospitaller is in charge of recruiting and welcoming new members, and coordinating requests for public displays. They are a great person to approach with any questions you have about getting involved or coming along to our events.
Our hospitaller is Mistress Rowan Perigrynne (Robyn Spencer), and can be contacted at hospitaller@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Chandler (Equipment Loans Officer)
The chandler keeps track of our stock of clothes and feasting utensils we have to loan to newcomers, and the equipment kept by the Barony for use at our events. If you need something for an event and you don’t know how to get it, this is the person to talk to!
Our chandler is Jón Húslangr/Johann the Carpenter (John Krause), and can be contacted at chandler@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Activities Officers

Arts & Sciences Minister (Arts & Crafts Officer)
The arts & sciences minister coordinates the study and practice of medieval non-combat skills within our group. If you want to learn how to do something, this is the person to ask!
Our arts & sciences minister is Lord Otto von Sexburger (Benny Norm), and can be contacted at arts@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Armoured Combat Marshal (Armoured Combat Coordinator)
The armoured combat marshal promotes the skill of heavy fighting, organises training, and ensures everyone’s safety during combat activities. They are the ideal person to talk to if you’re interested in learning how to fight, or you’ve been learning how and want to know where to get your own equipment.
Our armoured combat marshal is Baron Sir Ysambart Cortin (Bart Beswick), and can be contacted at marshal@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Rapier Marshal (Renaissance Fencing Coordinator)
The rapier marshal promotes rapier fighting, organises training, and ensures the safety of fighters and spectators during combat activities. If you’re interested in learning to fence in the SCA, this is the person to talk to.
Our rapier marshal is Lord Owen of Torlyon (Owen Fetherston), and can be contacted at rapier@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Captain of Archers (Archery Coordinator)
The captain of archers promotes target and combat archery, organises training, and ensures the safety of participants and spectators. They are the perfect person to talk to about learning to shoot, improving your skills, or getting equipment.
Our captain of archers is Captain Alfhildr of Ambledune (Amanda Spellman), and can be contacted at archery@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Youth Officer (Youth Activities Coordinator)
gThe youth officer promotes youth activities. If you have children you wish to bring along to events, or they are interested in activities but need adult supervision, the youth officer is the person to talk to.
Our youth officer is Alys Dietsch, and can be contacted at youthofficer@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Other Officers

Reeve (Treasurer)
The reeve is responsible for the financial affairs of the Barony.
Our reeve is Aymer de Mannvers, and can be contacted at reeve@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Constable (Legal and Safety Officer)
The constable is responsible for ensuring our activities comply with both external laws and SCA regulations, and that our practices are safe for our members.
Our constable is Eilifr Lukasson (Jono Reich), and can be contacted at constable@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Chirurgeon (First Aid Officer)
The chirurgeon is responsible for making sure appropriate first aid is available at our events (see Safety).
Our chirurgeon is Sir Ysambart Courtin (Bart Beswick), and can be contacted at chirurgeon@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Herald (Event Announcer and Coats-of-Arms Adviser)
The herald has two roles: during events and in Court, they are responsible for announcements; at other times, they assist members of the group in choosing medieval names and personal coats-of-arms.
Our herald is Baroness Helouys le Poer, and can be contacted at herald@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

Webwright (Website Administrator)
The webwright is responsible for maintenance and updates to our Barony website.
Our webwright is Daniel de la Guerre (Daniel Thomson), and can be contacted at webwright@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.

List Keeper (Combat Records Keeper)
The list keeper records all currently authorised combatants in the Barony, and the results of any tournaments.
This position is currently vacant.

Chronicler (Newsletter Editor)
The chronicler is responsible for a group’s newsletter or other method of publishing regular news.
Our chronicler is Jadwiga Ze Katowice (Karolina Firman), and can be contacted at chronicler@politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org.