Regular Activities

An SCA group wouldn’t mean much without events. Active groups typically host one-off events like tourneys, demos and feasts, and regular get-togethers like fighter training, dancing and social evenings.

Here in Politarchopolis we hold a range of weekly sessions and one off events. Check the calendar for a full picture of the coming months.

Ainslie Hall is $2 per head for attendance and all activities carry a $5 per head insurance charge for non members

Arts and Sciences

Short classes and project space. Sundays 2-6 at the Ainslie Scout Hall (corner of Ebden St and Hassall St)

Archery Practice

Sundays from 10am to noon at the Tuggeranong Archery Club. Cost $10 to non-members of the TAC, normal range fees to members. This also includes Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition.

Armoured Combat

Tuesday Nights  at Humpy Hall (Frewin pl, Scullin) 6 – 8pm

Thursday Nights from 6pm at the University of Canberra  with the College of St Andronicus

Sundays 3pm Ainslie scout hall (corner of Ebden st and Hassell st Ainsle)


Sundays 1:30pm Ainslie scout hall  (corner of Ebden st and Hassell st Ainsle)

Dance Practice

Friday 7:30pm
at the Really Well Heated Kambah Scout Hall,
Springbett St Kambah, on the Western side of Drakeford Drive , off of O’Halloran Circuit
The map on this page shows you exactly where it is.

The College of St Aldhelm 

The College of St Aldhelm is a chapter of the SCA, located at the Australian National University, Canberra, and is affiliated with the ANU Students Association.

        Currently not running.  Was Mondays, 6.00pm , Copland G029 (Room subject to change during exam period)

        The College of St Andronicus

         The College of Saint Andronicus is a chapter of the SCA located at the University of Canberra, and is affiliated with the UC Students Association.

Meetings on Thursdays 5-6.00pm, Room 2B02