Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold is a weekend of tournaments and feast. With the glorious addition of a Baronial Investiture for Politarchopolis.

There will be tournaments in armored, rapier and archery skill-at-arms over the weekend between Friday and Sunday as well as a variety of classes in both martial activities and the arts & sciences.

The weekend is fully catered from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. The Feast of the Golden Gryphon will run again on the Saturday night, this will be restricted to 80 people. The Bold Gryphon Tavern will also offer fare that night for those that choose it or miss out on the Feast.

November 30th to December 2nd

Bungendore Showground and camping/caravanning park
71 Mathews Ln, Bungendore NSW 2621

Complete the online booking form, as this event is running a cash free gate.

If you have not paid for your booking 2 weeks from the date of the event your booking will be cancelled and
any tickets for the Feast of the Golden Griffin will be reallocated to those on the waiting list.

If you have any enquiries please contact the event steward at

Friday, Saturday and Sunday menu.

Stay up to date by following the facebook event.

Tournaments and Competitions:

  • Arts and Sciences
    • “Gold” – the traditional competition for this event.
      • Entries can be in any medium.
      • Include your documentation, so that it can be judged by people who may not be familiar with your craft…
    • “Largesse” – a set of small items suitable for giving to people as gifts, for thanks, recognition or encouragement.
      Entries should be:

      • 6 of the same item (can have small variations such as colour) – or 7 if you want to participate in the exchange*
      • Small enough to fit in a basket (all together)
      • Made or assembled by you
      • Need not be generic – can be targeted at a specific audience, eg children, fighters, artists
      • A period item (ideally), or something to support Society activities (not just a thing to sit on a shelf)
      • Documentation encouraged, but not required.
      • Items entered into the competition will be presented to our incoming B&B, for their future use!
        (*Anyone entering a 7th item will get to select another 7th item. best entry gets first pick, etc.)
  • Archery
  • Armoured Combat
    • Pas d’armes
    • Rose Tournament
    • Great Weapons Tournament
    • Beginners Tournament
  • Rapier Combat
    • Sol Dor (Silver Circle) Tournament
    • Rose Tournament
    • Pairs Tournament

Download a copy of the schedule in PDF form.