Fields of Gold XI

Welcome to Fields of Gold XI in the Barony with the bestiary! The Politarchopolis resolute of gryphons have persuaded our resident dragon to release some gold. (Don’t ask how they managed that. We suspect there was some serious snapping of very large beaks through impressively broad tree trunks). Simply be …

Spring Hunt – October 2023

The Barony of Politarchopolis invites you to a day of archery and combat activities at the Spring Hunt!

Fully catered! Bring gear for target archery, blunt archery, rapier, heavy and light war combat.

When: Saturday, 21 Oct 2023 (ASLVIII)


  • Sharps Target Archery: Rainbow Round, Polit Red Tape Shoot, and Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC).
  • Blunts target Archery: Monster themed field course (all day).
  • Rapier: Melee in the maze, and Champion Tournament. The rapier tournament shall be fought as a series of duels to find the fencer most suitable to be Rapier Champion of Politarchopolis.
  • Armoured: Melee tourney, Realism tourney, and mixed combat war scenarios in the maze.
  • A&S Competition: Theme “Springtime” judged by popular acclaim.


  • Adult member (day with feast): $30
  • Adult member (day with no feast): $20
  • Adult non-member (including $10 insurance): $40
  • Child member (under 18): Free
  • Non-Child member (under 18): $5

Bookings: please find the booking form here.

Where: 159 Millynn Road Bungendore NSW 2621. Travelling from Canberra, follow the Federal Highway heading north-east, turn right onto Bungendore Rd, turn right onto Millynn Rd, go to the end of the road.


  • 9am – Set up.
  • 10am – Activities kick off.
  • 10:30am – Archery Rainbow Round.
  • 11am – Heavy tourneys; Rapier maze fighting.
  • 11:30am – Archery Red Tape Shoot.
  • 12:30pm – Lunch; A&S competition.
  • 1:30pm – Armoured war in maze; Rapier champion tourney; IKAC.
  • 5pm – Baronial court.
  • 6pm – Feast.
  • 10pm – Close.

Event team: The Steward of the event is Crispin Sexi (Email:

What to wear: An attempt at pre-17th century clothing. If you need help with clothing, contact the hospitaller to organise loaner garb.

Please note: Participants are reminded that if they are unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms, they must not attend.

Celebration of Valentine

Come join in a day of fun and fighting to celebrate the joy of Valentine on Saturday 4th February! The day will comprise of armoured and fencing tourneys, games, youth activities and arts and sciences competitions! Bring a picnic, shade, games and enjoy a lovely day of friendship and frolicking. …