Rowany Festival

Here you will find some information and resources about Rowany Festival, the SCA’s largest event.  In particular, this page deals with the Politarchopolis baronial campsite.

Going to Festival?

Easter is only Two Weeks Away!

You may want to consider:

 If you’d like to stay in the Politarchopolis campsite (Polit Central), make sure to tell Anushka, who is co-ordinating it. There’s a Facebook group for it: “2014 Politarchopolis Festival Campsite”. And when booking for Festival, make sure to put Politarchopolis as the group you are camping with, so that the campsite is big enough to fit everyone.

The Politarchopolis campsite is not planning a food fund, so you may wish to book with the Greesispoone kitchen being run by our very own Mistress Monique. See http://greesispoone.wordpress.com for further details.

If you are a heavy fighter who first fought in Politarchopolis, then you are eligible to join the Politarchopolis team for the “Group of Origin” tournament that is being organised for Monday afternoon at Festival by Count Niall. Talk to Countess Liadan, who is organising our team.

The war this Festival is between Politarchopolis and Rowany: we need your help! Heavy combattants, combat archers, water bearers, banner bearers and generally anyone keen to see our Barony victorious are welcome to join the war effort, either at the procession in opening court on Thursday night (and the party afterwards), on the battlefield or helping make banners and other items in the lead up. Talk to Baron Crispin if you want to get involved, either in person, or send an email to politarchopolis@lochac.sca.org.

We’re also planning a Baronial Brunch for Sunday morning at Festival, from 8:30am. Joan is cooking pancakes, so come along to Polit Central and eat, socialise and prepare for war.

For more about Festival, see the Festival Website: http://festival.lochac.sca.org/

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Roll of Arms check and update

I have just updated the Roll of Arms as far as I am able. This pretty much means that I’ve added our awards from Valentines’, and a few out of an old post I discovered from Ginevra.

Obviously this still leaves enormous gaps in the record. We’ve decided it may be useful to put out a call, for you all to look at the existing list and see if you can help to fill those gaps.

If your name is incorrect, that’s an easy fix. Send us an email.

If you are sure you have received a certain award, but are not listed, we will need as much info as possible. Give us your name, the current B&B, Herald’s name, event and date – as many of these as you can fill in. We will attempt to cross-check your memory with the appropriate herald and B&B, and hopefully our roll of arms for the last decade will look much less ragged.

Fingers crossed!




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Learn the Arts of Medieval Combat!

luke v ben







Few activities can match the colour, romance, and excitement of the medieval tournament of chivalry. Knights and Squires, Lords and Ladies compete with one another in displays of prowess and honour.

The Beginner’s Combat Course aims to introduce the fundamental principles and techniques of tournament combat, construction of swords and shields along with some of the etiquette and culture of SCA tournaments.

The next course begins Wednesday 19 February 2013  lejla in armour

Venue – Ainslie Scout Hall, corner of Ebden St and Hassall St, AINSLIE.

Cost $20+ weekly Insurance $5 or SCA membership.

Classes are at 6:30pm on Wednesdays with a repeat class Sunday at 2:30pm

All equipment is supplied


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Join us at our Newcomer’s Feast & Tournament – 8 March 2014

Welcome those new to our society  at the Politarchopolis Newcomers feast

When: 8th of March
Where: Ainslie Scout Hall – Cnr of Hassall and Edben St Ainslie
Newcomers (First event) – $10
Members – $15
Non Members – $18

Activities in the park start at 1 with the hall opening at 4 and the first course around 6.30

Details of the heavy and fencing tournaments to be announced

Booking contact Adam the Renegade via Email: tourist48@hotmail.com or after hours on 0400 299 760

Hope to see lots of you there!

Rapier Combat

The Barony feasts!

The Barony feasts!

sir kitan

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Bookings for Valentine’s Now Open

It’s all fayre in love and warre!  This Valentine’s (15th of February) join us for a day of tournament and feasting!

Bookings are now open!

Will Aphrodite or Ares prove victorious?  You be the judge!


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Dance Practice Cancelled – 10 October 2013

Unfortunately dance practice will not be on this evening as Joanna is unwell.   Dance should resume next week as per the calendar.

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Huzzah! New Baronial Heirs Chosen

Their Majesties have just announced Crispin and Joan as Baron and Baroness designate for Their most glorious Barony of Politarchopolis! The Barony will farewell our beloved Aonghus and Ginevra and welcome Crispin and Joan for Baronial changeover at the Fields of Gold (29 November 2013 – 1 December 2013). See upcoming events for details.

For the outgoing and incoming Barons and Baronesses of Politarchopolis and the glory of the Crown of Lochac, three cheers!


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2013 Baronial Candidates Announced

Their Majesties, Niall and Liadan, have with pleasure announced the Baronial candidates for Politarchopolis.

For all the relevant information including links to the candidates letters of intent, please see the 2013 Baronial Selection Process page(UPDATED).

At this time, we continue to celebrate the work of our most noble Baron and Baroness, Aonghus and Ginevra who have kept these lands in such good keep these past years.   The Barony thanks them for their most gracious care.


aonghus and ginevra

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Politarchopolis Baronial Household as of August 2011

Heavy Champion: Lord Niall of the Orkneys

Fencing Champion: Lord Rauf Le Brewere

Archery Champion: Myfanwy of Ambledune

Captain of Archers: Lord Ulric of Ambledune



Sergeant Guard: Lord Douglas of the Coast

Guard: Lord Valentine de Speiler

Guard: Padriac Mc Lorkan

Guard: Issarn e Tankard


Chamberlain: Dame Joan



Head Lady in waiting: Lady Ceara inghean Ui Sionnach

Lady in waiting: Ysemae McLorkan

Lady in waiting: Lady Cianna de Luca

Herald: Alexander a la Fontaine


Baronial Baby: Xanthe Rose


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Baronial Sunday (7th of August)

Greetings all,

Baronial Sunday is coming up this weekend ( Sunday the 7th) and we'd
like to remind you all to join in on a day of garbed SCA fun!

As per usual we have:

- 10 am Archery IKAC competition

- 5.30-6 pm Pot luck dinner

Not so usual

- 3 pm Heavy tournament
Depending on numbers, an Atlantian speed tourney or a double kill,
single elim tournament.

- 4 pm Fencing tournament

Aonghus and Ginevra
Baron & Baroness of Politarchopolis


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