Tourney by the Sea (Adora)

Invader or invaded, choose a medieval time,place and side. Enjoy a series of tournaments on the sea shore in the southern Adoran borderlands at George Bass Drive, Malua Bay Beach, Saturday 10 March.
A pot luck lunch on the beach at 12 noon and dinner at the Malua Bay tennis club at 7pm. Feast in the forest in the evening. This will be the first newcomers event for the local group.

Malua Bay Beach, George Bass Drive, NSW

Saturday 10 March 2018

$25 – Members
$30 – Non-Members
$70 – Family (Members)
$90 – Family (Non-Members)
$15 – Youth Members (10 – 17 year old)
$20 – Youth Non-members (10 – 17 year old)
Children under 10 are free

contact Astrid in Valsgarde 0410950598 or on cmedance@gmail.com

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Politarchopolis Newcomer Feast

The Barony of Politarchopolis, in conjunction with the College of St Andronicus would like to invite you to our yearly event to introduce newcomers to the society! This is our annual event in order to give anyone who is curious a sampling of the best that our society has to offer, with the focus being on you!

This is the perfect event to come to if you are curious about anything and everything medieval. If you are interested in Game of Thrones, Vikings, or anything else pre-1602 CE, this is the group for you!

This magnificent event will include an opening and closing court, a feast, and through heraldic announcements and an array of medieval activities for the newcomers to sample. This will include a demonstration of rapier, a demonstration of heavy combat, medieval board games and examples of what we do within the society.

This is a under 18’s friendly event and we welcome anyone who wishes to attend this event.

Please contact polit.hospitaller@gmail.com or the event organiser if you are a newcomer to organise clothing and feasting gear (plate, cup, crockery) as required.

Ainslie Scout Hall, Corner of Ebden and Hassall Sts Ainslie, ACT

Saturday, 17 March 2018

$25 – Adult Members
$5 – Newcomers (If it is your first costumed event)
$5 – Under 18s
Please add a $5 insurance charge to the above prices if you are a non-member.

Book through the Online Booking Form


4pm – Set-up
6pm – Event opens
6:15-7:15pm – Heavy & Rapier Rose Tourneys
7:30pm – First course
8:00pm – Court
9:00pm – Second course
10:00pm – Pack up

Between Court and the second course, we encourage all newcomers to wander around the hall and ask our members any questions they have

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What’s Happening

Greetings All,

An update on what’s going on in and around the Barony:

Sunday morning archery at Tuggeranong Archery Club, starts at 10am each week.  The first Sunday of each month we do the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition, and is in garb.

Sunday afternoon at Ainslie Scouts Hall (corner of Ebden and Hassel streets) we do Heavy and Rapier training, plus assorted arts and sciences projects.  This is starting up again today (7th of Jan).

Tuesday evening heavy combat practice is also back on at Ainslie Scouts Hall.

Friday evening dance practice starts back up again on the 19th of January.  7:30pm at the 13th Canberra Scout Hall, corner of Hovea St and MacArthur Ave, O’Connor.

Andronicus O-Week Demo on the 7th of Feb, 10:00–15:00.  If you can help out, please let the Andronicus Seneschal (Alex) know.

Sweet Valentines this year is an afternoon picnic on the 17th February, 3pm-7pm, with refreshments, games and tourneys.

Border War is on again 23rd – 25th of Feb in nearby Bordescros.  It is lots of fun especially good for the rapier / archer and heavy crowd, plus there is feasting, classes and a bardic competition.

We will once again be having a Politarchopolis campsite at Rowany Festival, with me as the campsite coordinator.  All are welcome to join in this campsite, which will have the baronial pavilion as a communal space, and space enough for households and individuals. How to join the Polit campsite? Just make sure you put “Politarchopolis” as the campsite you are camping with when you book for Festival.

On the 10th of March, Adora are hosting a day of tournaments on the beach!


Phew!  So much going on… see you all there!

– Baron Crispin

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See you at Fields of Gold!

We’re looking forward to tournaments of armoured combat, rapier, archery and jousting, along with entertainment, arts and feasting.  Plus a special surprise bonus of the King and Queen visiting, along with their heirs.  See you all at Fields of Gold!

Baron Crispin and Baroness Joan

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Andronicus Championship postponed…

Due to the inclement weather, today’s tourney event has been postponed.

Andronicus will advise a new date as soon as they liaise with the university – hoping to reschedule for next week instead.

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TAFE this weekend

A merry band of us have only just returned from Spring War, where there was a surfeit of onions.  Now my attention turns to more cerebral pursuits, with Balmoral TAFE this weekend in Okewaite.  There are heaps of classes, so come along – I hope to see you all there.

Later on in October, on the 21st to be precise we will be having two demos on the same weekend – at the St John’s Fair and also at the Murrumbateman Field Days.  Please help out at one or the other or both of these is you possibly can.

– Baron Crispin

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So Much On in August!

Greetings All,

St Andronicus O-Week Demo from 9am on Wednesday 2 August at Uni of Canberra on the Concourse.  We will have some displays set up, some flyers to hand out, and some fighters to fight.  Please come and help if you are available.

St Vitas dance and music weekend is on again this coming weekend (5-6 August 2017), and promises to be much fun, with classes from 10am Saturday and Sunday, and a feast and ball from 6pm Saturday.  We’ll have visitors from across the kingdom for this event.

Also on the schedule, we’re having a Polit and Adora War-Training day in Okewaite (19 August 2017) – this is a friendly day of training and exercises, and biffo, aimed at combat archery and heavy.  It runs from 10:30am to 3pm at Cockatrice Farm.  Please let me know if you’re coming so that we can cater for lunch.

Also, also coming up, we have a Yuletide Village Festival at Wamboin Community Hall (26 August 2017 from 1pm to 10:30pm). During the day we will revel in village games (heavy combat games, rapier games, archery games and just fun games).  In the evening we will celebrate mid-winter with more games, a tavern style feast, some dancing and general merriment.

So much on!  See you there.

– Baron Crispin

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Coming events!

Greetings All,

Coming up in the next few months are the following events:

1 July: A Taste of the Middle Ages

5-6 August: St Vitas Dance, Music and Performance Weekend

26 August: Yuletide Village Festival

See you there!

– Baron Crispin

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Border War

Greetings All,

I shall be journeying to Bordescros for the 24th to 26th of February and call upon all who would aid me in stymieing the northward progress of Stormhold.  I hear that advance scouts of theirs have already been spotted in our lands since Thaw War last year, so we must take this fine opportunity to show them what for.

More details here:


Price rise is 31st Jan so book now!

– Baron Crispin

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End of year party, and then Twelfth Night

Greetings All,

With a massive Fields of Gold just gone by, we next look forward to the End of Year Party where we might reflect on the marvelousnessity of the year – feasts, tournaments, classes, quarter days, many demos, peerages and other awards, and much more besides.

And then we kick off again in January with 12th Night Coronation, showcasing the finest of everything: Food and fighting, arts and archery, pomp and pageantry.  Book now!

– Baron Crispin

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