The Barony of Politarchopolis

The medieval Society for Creative Anachronism in Canberra, Australia.

People of Politarchopolis

People of Politarchopolis.

Below will be a series of interviews with the populace of Politarchopolis.

These will allow you to meet and find out more about the various members within our Barony.

If you would like to send me yours for inclusion, email me at with the following information and a photo:

1) What is your SCA name and title?2) What is your heraldry and what does it mean to you?

3) How long have you been playing?

4) What inspires you in the SCA?

5) What is your favourite thing to do in the SCA?

6) What’s the best dish you have tasted?

7) What is the largest or scariest project you have undertaken?

8)What would you like to see more of in the SCA?

9) Share with us a funny or favourite SCA story…

10) What advice do you have for newcomers?




Our First Introduction,

Baroness Joan Sutton


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Ultimate Fighter 19th of April


Congratulations to Mark Ottignon, first place in the fifth Ultimate Fighter tournament (weapons of choice) and first place in the Politarchopolis Ultimate Fighter Series. He has won the first of two places to the UFS finals to be held in a month at Great Northern War (in Brisbane). Huzzah!




Congratulations to Aonghus MacGreigor, second place in the fifth Ultimate Fighter tournament (weapons of choice) and second place in the Politarchopolis Ultimate Fighter Series. He has won the second of two places to the UFS finals to be held in a month at Great Northern War (in Brisbane). Huzzah!
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People of Politarchopolis- Festival Edition

The People of Politarchopolis had great fun at Rowany Festival 2015.

Here are their stories:

If you would like to add yours, please email me at with the following details and a photo:

1) Name and camping location?

2) How many festivals have you attended?

3) What did you do this festival?

4) Notable moments?

5) What would you do differently next year?

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Griffintayle is the monthly newsletter of the Barony of Politarchopolis, composed by the Baronial Chronicler.

The newsletter usually contains event information (past and future), Baronial and officer missives, officer regnum (i.e. contact details) and articles submitted by the populace for publication.

There was a break in publication from September 2011 until publication recommenced from April 2015.

The following is an incomplete archive of Griffintayle publications.

AS 50

AS 49

AS 45

AS 44

AS 43

AS 42

AS 41

AS 40

AS 39

AS 38


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Festival 2015: War and Pancakes

Greetings all,

We’ve heard news that Stormhold and Innilgard have made peace with one another, and have decided to band together with Aneala and the northern forces to do war against the Khan.

Having only recently been invaded ourselves, we shall support our new overlords. It seems unusual, but for once we will be teaming up with Rowany and Mordenvale to defend the Khan’s holdings.

On Thursday at Festival after opening court we call upon combatants and supporters to join us in the war procession as the sides are officially announced. We shall be bringing tabards and banners for the procession. We’ll also have some Polit warshields for those that wish to borrow them on the warfield.

There are three half-days of war this Festival (Friday, Sunday and Monday). Please let Crispin know if you will be fighting with Politarchopolis so that he can tally up the heavies and archers.

On a more peaceful and delicious note, make sure to come along to Polit Central campsite for Sunday breakfast pancakes!

See you there!

Baron Crispin and Baroness Joan

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Ultimate Fighter March 22nd



The fighters


Baron Aonghus receiving a tassel for winning the Tourney.


Lord Lorcan receiving a tassel for winning the Fencing Tourney


Fencing Tourney

Other pictures from the day:


image image


image image image image

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Newly Authorised

Congratulations to all those who have recently worked very hard to authorise.

We have:


– Wolfgang


Combat Archery

– Eyfura



Heavy Combat

– Cosimo



Havelok who also received his AOA.




Eyfura, madly keen on combat archery



Wolfgang who not only authorised Fencing, but did so as a SCA youth.






Cosimo enjoying Wednesday night practices.

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The Outcome of the War

Fellow Politarchopolans,

By now you might be aware, the news from Saturday’s war against the Mongol hordes is twofold:

Firstly I regret to say that our loyal forces were bested on the battlefield. Enthusiastic and courageous, our army rained arrows and blows upon the invaders that did us proud. However, fortune favoured our enemy and we have paid tribute to save all that we hold dear.

Secondly, good news! Politarchopolis is now part of an exciting and quickly growing empire, with fantastic prospects in trade and culture.

Long live the Khan!
Long live the Yeke Khatun!
Long live Lochac!

– Baron Crispin, Baroness Joan

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This Weekend

Fellow Politarchopolans,

This Saturday the hordes swoop down upon us, with every expectation of adding Politarchopolis to their empire.

However, little do they know that we are forewarned through the efforts of our scouts (and also the event notice on Facebook and here on the baronial website).

Where: Tuggeranong Archery Club, 299 Soward Way, Greenway ACT

9am: Site Opens for set up
10am: Opening Court
10:30am-12: War session 1
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-2:30: War session 2
3pm: Closing Court
4pm: Site Closes

Thus we shall meet them fully prepared and send the Khan and Katun away empty handed. And all in time for the next Ultimate Fighter tournaments on Sunday from 10am at Ainslie Scout Hall.

See you there!

– Baron Crispin

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Newcomer’s Feast and Baronial Championships March 2015


Lord Otto was the winner of the Heavy tourney.


Lord Lorccan Ruadh was the Victor of the Fencing Tourney and was named Baronial Champion.


Sir Ysambart was declared the new Heavy Champion. Daeg, is the newest baronial guard and Lord Lorccan, the new Fencing Champion.


Sir Ysambart and Daeg being called up in court.



Lady Ida received a cup for being undefeated with a spoon


Thank you to THL Caera for her pictures and insights.

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