The Barony of Politarchopolis

The Society for Creative Anachronism in Canberra, Australia

This Weekend

Fellow Politarchopolans,

This Saturday the hordes swoop down upon us, with every expectation of adding Politarchopolis to their empire.

However, little do they know that we are forewarned through the efforts of our scouts (and also the event notice on Facebook and here on the baronial website).

Where: Tuggeranong Archery Club, 299 Soward Way, Greenway ACT

9am: Site Opens for set up
10am: Opening Court
10:30am-12: War session 1
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-2:30: War session 2
3pm: Closing Court
4pm: Site Closes

Thus we shall meet them fully prepared and send the Khan and Katun away empty handed. And all in time for the next Ultimate Fighter tournaments on Sunday from 10am at Ainslie Scout Hall.

See you there!

– Baron Crispin

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Newcomer’s Feast and Baronial Championships March 2015


Lord Otto was the winner of the Heavy tourney.


Lord Lorccan Ruadh was the Victor of the Fencing Tourney and was named Baronial Champion.


Sir Ysambart was declared the new Heavy Champion. Daeg, is the newest baronial guard and Lord Lorccan, the new Fencing Champion.


Sir Ysambart and Daeg being called up in court.



Lady Ida received a cup for being undefeated with a spoon


Thank you to THL Caera for her pictures and insights.

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Interview with the Baronial Fencing Champion 2014

rapier 2015

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Interview with the Baronial Heavy Champion 2014

heavy champion

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Next Ultimate Fighter Tournament – 22 March 2014

Hi everyone,

the next date for Ultimate Fighter (Glaive round) is the 22nd of March 2015.  There was some confusion regarding the date.  Their Majesties are likely to be in attendance so please join us to celebrate skill at arms and grace on the field.



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Great starts for Foundations of Combat and Beginner’s Rapier

Last Sunday saw the Barony’s Foundations of Combat Intake 1 class and Beginner’s Rapier class kick off for 2015.

It was wonderful to see both classes so well attended.  We hope all participants have a brilliant time building their skills.  Next Sunday sees an Ultimate Fighter Tournament prior to class so feel free to come along early and watch the Barony’s more experienced fighters and fencers take the tournament field!  Opens at 10.

foundations 1 mar 2015 1 rapier 1 March 2015


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Change of Venue & Times for Valentines Event 28 February

Hi everyone, Due to a very slow response from ACT parks and a slightly stressed out and overwhelmed steward we can no longer hold the event at Nara Park. The new location is the scout hall in Ainslie, our usual training park
NEW LOCATION: Ainslie Scout Hall, corner of Ebden St and Hassall St, Ainslie ACT 2602.
Please spread the message FAR AND WIDE!!!

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No Dance classes 26 February 2015

Dance will not go ahead tomorrow evening.  Normal schedule will resume from next week.

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Celebrating 50 years of the Society for Creative Anachronism

FinalColorKWMap_smallWith all the exciting information about SCA 50 Year, we thought you should check out the website! Take an early look at what will be happening at SCA 50 Year, on June 17-27th, 2016. ‪#‎SCA50Year



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Greetings all,

I journey to Bordescros on Friday to help defend our southern borders from the Mongol horde that is ravening the land. As you may be aware, already Rowany, Ynys Fawr and the whole of the Crescent Isles have succumbed and rumour is that the Khan is turning his attention towards our fair and prosperous barony.

But fret not – Sir Ysambart our sergeant and Lord Otto our heavy champion will be joining me in Bordescros and other doughty Politarchopolans too are lending aid. Let me know if you are joining us.

This weekend shall be a mighty defeat for the horde.

– Baron Crispin

The Baron at war

The Baron at war

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