Renaissance Fencing

Those unsophisticated brutes clanking around in plate armour aren’t your style – you’d rather be Zorro, or Inigo Montoya! (Or maybe you want to do both!)

With a broader range of techniques than you’ll find in Olympic-style fencing, our ‘Rapier’ experts wield sword, dagger, cane, and buckler in swift and elegant bouts. Rapier fighters use blunted metal swords, and fight ‘to the touch’, like modern fencing. Safety gear is required (see the Rapier Combat Handbook), but apart from the fencing masks, it is generally more subtle in appearance than heavy armour, and easily disguised as part of a stylish Renaissance outfit. Combatants must be authorised as safe combatants before participating in a tournament, and trained referees (called Marshals) monitor each fight for signs of danger.

Would you like to be a swashbuckler? Contact our Rapier Marshal at, or come along to practice to give it a try!