Armoured Combat

Also called ‘heavy fighting’, this is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a medieval knight.

Our combatants wear a mixture of chain-mail, leather, and plate armour (according to strict armour standards) and wield non-metal weapons so that our fights can be completely un-choreographed, full speed, and full contact, but still safe. (See Safety) Victories are determined on an honour system, and chivalry is highly valued in our group. To ensure everyone’s safety, all fighters must be authorised as a safe combatant before they take the field outside of training (see our Authorisation Guide), and referees (which we call Marshals) are always on hand to stop a fight in case something goes wrong.

Whether in a one-on-one fight on the tourney field, or as a member of a hundred-strong army in a ‘war‘, the SCA is the safest, most exhilarating way to put yourself in the shoes of a knight in shining armour.

To get involved, contact our Armoured Combat Marshal at, or come along to one of our Regular Practices. We’re happy to lend you some equipment to give it a try! (And when you’re ready to get your own, check out our guide to Getting Equipped)!