St. Valentines: A Loaf Story

‘St Valentines: A Loaf Story’, is a new take on one of politarchopolis’ bread-and butter events.

This year the feast and tournament will be themed around the Roman festival Fornacalia – a celebration of bread and hearth fires. This event will feature great food (including freshly baked bread), entertainment, tournaments of chivalry and strength and much, much more!

Opposite, 21 Gladstone St, Hall ACT 2618.

Saturday, February 16th 2019, 1pm to 10pm

What to wear:
This event includes tournaments and a feast, please wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing. If you need help with clothing, contact the hospitaller to organise loaner garb.

Ticket prices:
Member: $35
Non-member: $40
Child: $10

Lord Aymer de Mannvers, contactable at

Bookings Form. Bookings Close: Thursday, February 14th 2019.

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