Champions of the Gryphon

Join the Barony of Politarchopolis as it seeks to find new Champions of the Arts & Sciences, Armoured Combat, Rapier and Archery. Their Majesties, Theuderic and Engelin, our King and Queen will honour the Barony with a visit. We want to cover the field in the colours of the greater and central Barony and its people so pageantry is the order of the day! Champions in Politarchopolis inspire others to participate and give their all in their respective field. The role of Champion is not limited to prowess; it incorporates all virtues, including humility, courage, agility, strength and wisdom. They serve as an inspiration to all in Politarchopolis! Classes, display, games and tournaments will run throughout the day. Bring a picnic lunch and show your prowess! In the evening, a tavern feast under the stars – sing, dance and celebrate the new Champions of the Barony!

Physical distancing and ACT region health requirements must be followed!

Bookings Close:
Saturday, November 28th 2020

Booking Contact:

Tuggeranong Archery Club, 299 Soward Way.

Saturday, 5 December from 11:00am-4:00pm

Event Timetable:

10:00 amSite Opens
10:30 amOpening Court
– Armoured Lists open after Court Archery begins and will run throughout the day
11:00 amArmoured Combat Tournament
12:30 amBoffer Tourney
1:00 pmRapier Lists open
1:30 pmRapier Tourney
2:00 pmPomander Making
3:00 pmKubb Teams Tournament
5:00 pmDance & Games
6:00 pmFeast Service Begins (Served buffet to be eaten picnic style)
9:00 pmEvent closes

A reminder that the event is partially catered. Please bring your lunch

What to wear:
Please wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing. If you need help with clothing, contact the hospitaller to organise loaner garb.

Adult members: $20
Children (up to 17): $0.00
Non members should add $10 for adult and $5 for children.
Invoices will be sent once feasting plans are confirmed. 

Her Excellency Politarchopolis, Anne de Tournai

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